Bharatam into Christianity?

satyameva jayate nānṛtaṁ, satyena panthā vitato devayānaḥ, yenākramantyṛṣayo hyāptakāmā, yatra tat satyasya paramaṁ nidhānam - Mundaka Upanishad 3.1.6

Truth alone triumphs; not falsehood. Through truth the divine path is spread out by which the sages whose desires have been completely fulfilled, reach where that supreme treasure of Truth resides.

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Dr. N Gopalakrishnan's Video titled : Bharatam Christumatatilekko (Malayalam) ഭാരതം ക്രിസ്തു മതത്തിലേക്കോ?

About Dr N Gopalakrishnan

Dr. N Gopalakrishnan is a scientist and Hon. Director of Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage, having M.Sc. (Pharm. Chem); M.Sc. (Appl. Chem); M.A., (Soc.); Ph.D. (Biochem); D.Litt. (Science in Sanskrit).

He has 28 years of research experience, 50 scientific research papers in national and international scientific journals, 7 patents, 6 awards for scientific research, 9 science popularization awards from India and abroad, two fellowships, 60 books, (MP3) 200CDs, 50 VCDs, more than 6000 lectures and has 200 hrs of speeches in Television media in India and abroad, to his credit. He has visited US, Canada, UK, middle east countries many times and delivered a series of lectures in Indian and foreign universities. He was a fellow of University of Alberta, Canada.

He delivers lectures to the executives, managers and professors for many companies, universities, training institutes and professional colleges. He is the founder Director of Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage, Thiruvananthapuram, India (695 018) and devoting full time for establishing the National Heritage Center for learning and teaching the Indian Scientific heritage. He is the only scientist who has been awarded D.Litt for his research and studies in Sanskrit. He serves as a spiritual teacher from Kerala, India. He, along with a few others founded Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage in 1999.


By Dr. N Gopalakrishnan, Scientist Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage (IISH)

Below is a crude English translation of the speech of Dr. N Gopalakrishnan on the topic of certain problematic words and sentences in Bible, delivered as part of a broader topic on the Christian conversion of India. Since the video is in Malayalam language but the message is very important to reach everybody in India, this translation is attempted. The Bible quotes are re-translations from Malayalam, but can be verified with any English translation of Bible available in Internet. English translation will also be easy to translate into any other Indian language like Hindi, Gujarati, Oriya, Bangalee or Assamese.

English Translation

To my respected family members, what I want to say to you is this.

Our traditions (the Dharmic values of Bhaarata, the thought process of life, our religion, viz Dharma itself) are now under unprecedented threats. A large group is working to turn the whole of Bhaarata into the religion of Christ, within the country and outside the country. They use the lines mentioned in Bible for this purpose. The lines in Bible are used to console them as well as to convert them through "threats". When I say this, you may doubt whether it is true. That is why, though a boring exercise, you need to realize what is there inside Bible. For this, I shall read out some ten or fifteen lines from Bible. Why reading this? Not a single word I utter should be wrong. If I make a mistake, an allegation will come that I told what is not mentioned in Bible. Or some will say, I interpreted the Bible wrongly. Respected Dr. Joseph Pulikkunnil, the Director of Indian Institute of Christian Studies have made a Malayalam translation of Bible. I am using the same for this quotes. It is big. It is a very large book. I can send you any number of copies of it for your own varification. I am only taking a few selected lines from it. Because, you too should know Bible. Search and find if what I said is not there in Bible or not.

A portion known as Sefanya, Chapter 1, there are 14 lines. It contains several quotes of the words of the creator (the Biblical God, Yahova usually called 'Karthavu' in Malayalam). As you all know, the Christians here are all trying to take us all to the Kingdom of this God. Hence it is necessary to know what is mentioned as "the Day of (the Biblical) God". Here we see what God himself says about the Day of God. Quote:- "Here it is! The great day of God has come! It comes very fast. The sound of emergence of the day of God is horrible. There the soldiers are crying. It is the day of anger. It is the day of disaster and great pain. It is the day of destruction. It is the day of darkness. It is the day of dark cloud and pitch darkness. On this day there will be war cry against all forts. On that day I will create pain to all mankind. They will walk like blind. No one can save them in the day of God. He will destroy all inhabitants in this world." Quote ends.

It is into this day we Indians are being led to, by these Christian fathers and nuns. You decide if you want to follow them or not.

God proclaims again:- "I will raise your undergarment upto your face! Thus I will make the people see your nakedness. I will make the countries to witness you in shame. I will throw dirt onto you."

These are the words from the Biblical God onto a poor woman. Do you think these are words of kindness? The Biblical God is taking revenge upon a poor woman!

There is another portion named Nohum, Chapter 3, the fifth line. There is a portion named Amos, Chapter 5, the 18th line which says:- God said:- "Those who seek the Day of God, for you it is disaster." (Note:This is how you are threatened, and forced into the kingdom of god.). Qoute continues:- "Why do you need the Day of God?" (note: this is not my question, but the question of God). "Why do you need the Day of God? It is not light but darkness. This is like a person who after escaping from lion, reaches in front of a bear. The Day of God is darkness. It is not light. It is nothing but lightless darkness. I hate your holy days. I discard them."

All of these are words of God!!! How kind the God is!!? These people are cheating you and taking you all into the vicinity of this God! Think! Do you want to continue in this Christianity? Just think. Or else, do you want to embrace Christianity? All of these are words in Bible. The words in the Holy Bible.

The Biblical God says again:- God says thus:- "A sword is sharpened and polished. For mass murder. O son of God! You cry loudly! Because this sword is for using against my people. The chiefs will succumb to my sword along with my people! Hence you cry loudly!"

Thus the Biblical God instruct us to cry loudly! He says he have come to kill all of you. Then there is these lines from a deeply pained Biblical God, I can read them:- Biblical God says in Iramya, 19th chapter 4th line:- "I will make a terrible disaster in this region by which the ears of those who hear this will tremble. They have worshiped other gods! I will make them eat the flesh of their own sons and daughters! When their enemies and those who want to kill them, torture them, they will eat the flesh of their neighbors. I will destroy this people and this city. I will make it into a cemetry." - These are the words of Biblical God.

Iramya, 19th capter, 9th line:- " I will myself make war with you. I will kill the inhabitants of this city. All men and animals will die." Iramya, 21st chapter, 6th line. All these line, are these lines of kindness or threats? These are what is used to convert whole of north east India.

Again, hear the 3rd line of 15th chapter of Iramya:- Biblical God says:- Those who are for the great rain will go to the great rain; those who are for the sword will go to sword; those who are for the famine will go to famine; those who are for bondage will go for bondage. I will send four kinds of threats to them. Sword to kill, dogs to tear the flesh, to eat off, many birds and beasts." These words of Biblical god make even the blood to freeze! It makes even the blood to boil. These are the words of the kind God of Bible! The poor people are led into the church to make them hear all these!

Again, in Iramya, 13th chapter 14th line. Biblical God says:- "I will make their sons and fathers to fight each other, and thus make them perish. I will make them fight each other. These are the words of God. There will be no mercy for them from me. Because they worship other gods." This is the vengene of Biblical God. This is how Hindus in India are threatened and are forced to convert. That is why you need to know these lines. Is it not how people are converted? Is it because of the reverence towards Bible, Biblical God or to Jesus Christ that you convert innocent people? Telling all these you go to poor people and tell them, that Biblical God will punish you in these ways. They they will be slowly converted.

Again, Iramya 8th capter 17th line:- " See, I am sending snakes into your midst. I send poisonous snakes upon whom magic has no effect. They will bite you. These are the words of God. I will make this people to eat bitter plants and make them drink poisonous water. I will make them scatter. I will follow them with sword till they perish." These are the sweetness of the lines in Bible. Hear again:- "In their streets, the children are collecting woods to make bread for the queen of heaven. Their fathers are setting fire. Women are making preperation for bread. They are irritating me by worshiping other gods. Are they provoking me? They are getting themselves into trouble. My anger will fall on them, their animals and plants. It will stay inflamed for long." An all destroying God! All because of the anger and revenge of the Biblical god when people worship other gods. Is the concept of God means revenge, vengence, anger, hatred etc? Contrast this with the concept of God (Ishwara) of Bhaarata.

Again, Ashaiyya, 36th chapter 10th line:-"See, Your God will take revenge. God will come with his revenge. God has asked me to attack and destroy this nation." A God which think only about destruction!

Ashayya, 34th chapter 6th line:- " God has a sword. It has swollen with blood. It has fed up with eating flesh. God has a congragation in the land of Adom. Their, instead of wild bull, men will fall. A race of brave men will fall there. Their land will be bathed in blood. Because God has a day of revenge. A competition for revenge." This is Ashayya 34th chapter 6th line. Instead of bull, men will fall in the revenge of Biblical God, the sword will swell with blood and flesh - all these seems like the language of a terrorist! These are unthinkable in this 21st century. All these words look like the words of the desciples of Bin Laden, but these are the words of Biblical God!

Ashayya 25th chapter 1st line:- "God will split the Earth, tore it open and twist the face of Earth and make the inhabitants of Earth to scatter. God will make the Earth empty by looting everything. These are words of God" Why Biblical God will do all this? Because he is unable to bear people worshiping other gods.

Biblical God said :- "I will make vice to emerge from your own house. I will take your wives and give them to your neigbors, in your very eyes. They will lie with your wives in broad day light. In front of all the Israelites, in broad sun light, I will give your wives to your neighbors." These are words in portion called Shamuel part 2, 12th capter 11th line. When you hear all these what do you think? Is Bible a holy book?

Again:- "In that whole city, Biblical God has created fear of death. The hand of God fell there with great might. Those who escaped death were tormented with ailments. The cry of the city riase upto the sky." This is how Biblical God took revenge on that city. God said:- "I let him alone stay in that city so that he can cry till the eyes start burning and heart start paining. I will make all the people in your house to die by sword. This will happen to your sons too. They both will die on the same day." These are from Shamuel part 1, chapter 2, 33rd line. There are two parts of Shamuel in Bible.

Again Repitition, 32nd chapter 40th line:-God said:- "With my hand raised to sky, I promise, I will sharpen my glowing sword and take the right to dictate law to avenge my enemies. I will revenge those who hate me. I will make my arrows merry in blood. I will make my sword eat flesh. I will make blood flow from my enemy. He will take revenge of the blood of his servents." These words were read out to Moses. This individual Moses seems like a mad man. These are all found in Bible, with many such glorious words of Biblical God (Kartavu).

Biblical God said:- "In this world, if anybody invite you into other gods, you should not budge. Don't hear him. You should not show any mercy to him. You should not leave him. You should not hide him. You should kill him. You should be the first to raise hand to kill him. Then all people should raise their hands. They should stone him to death.

Repetition, 13th chapter, 9th line:- "You shoud go to neigbhoring countries. You should destroy their religious monuments and their idols." This is what Francies Xavior has done. This is what St. George has done. This is what St. Sebastian has done.

"You should not worship other gods, Because the Biblical God (Kartavu) is intolerant. The name of Biblical God is 'Intolerance'. These are words from Purappadu, 34th capter 13th line. Interesting to note that even the meaning of the name of Biblical God is 'intolerance'!!! These are words of Bible, translated by Dr. Joseph Pulikunnil. I just read it out for you. These are not my own translation. I am just telling you the lines of Bible as it is written.

Now hear, the 23rd Chapter, 24th line of Purappadu:- Biblical God said:- "I will wipe them off. I will destroy all of their gods. I will destroy all their stakes of gods. Worship ony your god, the Biblical god. Don't worship any other god. Biblical God is impatient and intolerant. You should destory all people who worship other gods." Purappadu, 22nd Chapter, 20th line says this. Similarly Purappadu, 20th chapter 5th line says:- "You should not have any other god other than me. You should not have any idol. You should not make any idol of anything. Do not bow your head onto them. Because I am your god. I am an intolerant god. For those who hate me, I will revenge by troubling upto their 3rd and 4th generation.

Thus, it is not one or two lines in Bible. It clearly outlines the charecteristics of the Biblical God. These are repeated from the chapter of Genesis to upto the begenning of New Testment, in around 700 to 800 pages. This is what is told by Yahova, the Biblical God (Karthavu in Malayalam). Be alert about this. Listen to this. Study this. Is this the definition of the word God? Is this mercy? Is this the concept of Iswara in Bible? I am amazed how the Christian fathers and nuns are able to adore this book called Bible!!!

I am not saying there are no words of virtue in Bible. That I said all these, doesn't mean that I hate Christians. I do not have any enemty towards any Christian. I am repeating this again. I respect many Christians. Especially in St Alberts College, principal Dr. Father Agustine Kunnulli, Father Kalarikkal. If these people were not there I won't even get admission to St Aberts College. Then there is Professor Matthai Sir. He helped me to get admission there. Dr AJ Mathew got me job at CSIR. I adore all of these teachers. I do not have any enemity towards any Christian. But I see these horrible and cruel words in Bible being used to convert innocent and poor Bhaaratiyas (Indians). What do Christians gain by this? This is what I want to ask to all Christians. Mostly it is Christians from Kerala, who do all these in the whole of India, these cruel acts.

My advise is, study this, tell this to the whole world. I have given you all the references. I can give you any number of books, notices or brochures on this. These are the lines found in Bible, very cruel words. I am only truthfully reporting and submitting these to the world. Let people and you decide, if this henious words in this book needs to be accepted and this henious practice of religious conversion is to be followed or not.

I do not have any other motives. Only one objective. The whole world is embracing this nation, my mother land, Bhaarata and its Sanatana Dharma with both hands. I want to protect this Dharma and sustain it. I wish to do this till my last breath. I need your support in this.

Pranaamam. Namaskaaram.

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