Origin Of Life

satyameva jayate nānṛtaṁ, satyena panthā vitato devayānaḥ, yenākramantyṛṣayo hyāptakāmā, yatra tat satyasya paramaṁ nidhānam - Mundaka Upanishad 3.1.6

Truth alone triumphs; not falsehood. Through truth the divine path is spread out by which the sages whose desires have been completely fulfilled, reach where that supreme treasure of Truth resides.

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Atheist Version of Origin of Life.

My view: Both Atheists and Creationists are wrong. The atheists think that the origin and evolution are unguided or that some random events and some rudimentary natural selection is all that is needed to set in life and its evolution into intelligent beings like humans. Creationists think an external entity called God is directing every step of the origin of life and its evolution (after having abandoned the idea that different life forms are spontaneously created by this God, and some still clinging on to it).

The correct view is the view of Vedanta, which is somewhere in between the atheist-scientist view and the creationist view. In Vedanta, there is no external god. The whole energy-matter, space-time is conscious. This cosmic intelligence is manifesting itself as life and then as the evolution of life. This is also in line with the Quantum Theory which has recognized the role of an observer affecting the observations, pointing to an intelligence that collapse the quantum probabilities into intelligent choices through its power of observation. It is clear that these evolutionary biologists have not yet incorporated Quantum Theory related revelations into their biological theories. These biological theories are based on the classical physics in which the role of observer is not yet understood.

What these biologists are 'discovering' is only the 'how' part of the story, leaving the 'who' part and the 'why' part. They are capable of explaining 'how' a super cosmic intelligence is able to set in life and make it evolve (all the while becoming myopic about this super cosmic intelligence). For example, they simply say 'natural selection' makes the life evolve, without recognizing the fact that only an 'intelligence' can do the act of 'selection', and in their scheme of things, at the initial stage of life, intelligence is not yet formed! How can then they talk about 'selection' which is the function of 'intelligence'?

This dilemma is eliminated when we realize that it is the cosmic intelligence that makes this 'selection'. This explains the 'who' part of the story. The cosmic intelligence does this as part of its self-expression. This explains the 'why' part of the story.

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