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satyameva jayate nānṛtaṁ, satyena panthā vitato devayānaḥ, yenākramantyṛṣayo hyāptakāmā, yatra tat satyasya paramaṁ nidhānam - Mundaka Upanishad 3.1.6

Truth alone triumphs; not falsehood. Through truth the divine path is spread out by which the sages whose desires have been completely fulfilled, reach where that supreme treasure of Truth resides.

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About Dr N Gopalakrishnan

Dr. N Gopalakrishnan is a scientist and Hon. Director of Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage, having M.Sc. (Pharm. Chem); M.Sc. (Appl. Chem); M.A., (Soc.); Ph.D. (Biochem); D.Litt. (Science in Sanskrit).

He has 28 years of research experience, 50 scientific research papers in national and international scientific journals, 7 patents, 6 awards for scientific research, 9 science popularization awards from India and abroad, two fellowships, 60 books, (MP3) 200CDs, 50 VCDs, more than 6000 lectures and has 200 hrs of speeches in Television media in India and abroad, to his credit. He has visited US, Canada, UK, middle east countries many times and delivered a series of lectures in Indian and foreign universities. He was a fellow of University of Alberta, Canada.

He delivers lectures to the executives, managers and professors for many companies, universities, training institutes and professional colleges. He is the founder Director of Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage, Thiruvananthapuram, India (695 018) and devoting full time for establishing the National Heritage Center for learning and teaching the Indian Scientific heritage. He is the only scientist who has been awarded D.Litt for his research and studies in Sanskrit. He serves as a spiritual teacher from Kerala, India. He, along with a few others founded Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage in 1999.


English Translation

Salute to my respected listeners,

A person named Brother Mathew had given a reply to my video titled "Bhaaratam Kristu Matattilekko?" (India into Christianity?) a few weeks backs. I thought not to reply to it. But many people urged me to give a reply to it. He is giving a wrong picture of Sanatana Dharma. After having born in Bhaarata, and having lived here, Christians wrongly assume they have imbibed the heritage of Bhaarata. But what are they thinking inside in their minds - this is revealed by Brother Mathew's speech. Hence, thousands of people urged to give a reply to Mathew. That is why I chose once to listen to his video-reply and to note down the crucial points of his arguments. So I am here now in front of you, with the reply for Mathew.

He says Gopalakrishnan is disappointed. It is true. I am disappointed. Good that brother Mathew understood it. I have gone to various churches and Christian organizations and given lectures. There I have told them the following. Christians consider Jesus Christ like a Guru or as the Son of God. As per Bhaaratiya traditions, it is unthinkable to worship a 'cross' which is used as an instrument to crucify a Guru-like person. In order to show respect to Mahatma Gandhi, will anybody adore the gun used to kill Mahatma Gandhi? Hence I asked them do not worship this cross. Do not wear it as a necklace. It is an instrument used to kill your son of god, whom you worship. Similarly Christians symbolically eat the flesh of their Guru (Jesus) during the Kurbana (Holy Mass) ceremony and symbolically drink his blood as wine! Besides this, Christians keep the dead bodies of their parents in boxes (coffin) and make them decay so that they get infested with worms! I have asked them not to do this, during my speeches in Christian churches. A vast majority of them has not accepted it. That is why I am disappointed. These customs and forms of worship are not in alignment with the traditions of Bhaarata.

I also have angst. When I visit Arunachal Pradesh and Assam, there I see in front of the temples, Christians have written like this:- "Siva kills. Jesus Saves". They have installed cross in front of many temples. They have put Nilakkal cross onto Sabarimala. In Assam and Arunachal Pradesh, where ever there is a market place, there a cross is installed, even in goverment owned land. A person named Mathew, I do not know if it is you yourself, did the following. During an earthquake in Rajastan, Gujarat, Madhya pradesh and Maharashtra, the President of America had granted 15 million $ as aid. Then this Mathew, who was the secretary of a Christian union in Kerala (he may be you or somebody else) prevented this aid from coming, saying that most people who would be benifiting from this aid will be Hindus. I have the proof of this. You people are born here, live here, but you exploit the painful disasters occurring in Hindu families, in order to convert them. In Arunachal Pradesh, when any Hindu is dead, after all the relatives of the decessed is left, after the cremation of the dead body, then the Christians will come. They will install a cross in the place of cremation. Then they will tell to the relatives of the decessed, that from now on, you will not be affected by the spirit of the decessed. Thus you are cheating people in this land and in other lands. You are cheating Sanatana Dharma and negating it. This is the reason for my angst. It is true. It is good that you realized it.

Next, I am feeling the pain. My pain is this. We have the holy Dhwaja Stambha (flag pole) which we normaly place in front of temples. In the name of aligning to the traditions of Bhaarata (Bhaaratavalkaranam), the Christians also place the Dhwaja Stambha (flag pole) in front of their church, but place a 'cross' on top of it! Similarly they place cross on top of the traditional lamps made of stone or brass. They place cross in Vishu Kani (the auspecious sight prepered and seen during Malayalam New Year, Vishu). They draw a cross to initiate the education of kids on the day of Vijaya-dasami. Thus they take all the divine traditions of Bhaarata towards this cross and its associated negativity. Many Christians do not realize that all these are wrong. This is what cause pain to me.

In your reply video, Mathew, you said, "Sanatana means accepting everything". It is wrong. Sanatana means, acchedyo 'yam adāhyo 'yam, akledyo 'śoṣya eva ca, nityaḥ sarva-gataḥ sthāṇur, acalo 'yaḿ sanātanaḥ. It accepts only virtues. It is not 'accepting everything'. If it were, then Raavana, Kamsa or Jarasandha - all of these people would have been accepted by Sanatana Dharma. So Sanatana Dharma is not 'accepting all' but only accept the virtuous. So do not think that Sanatana Dharma will tolerate all kinds of evils perpetrated by others like you. If you think so, Mathew, you are mistaken.

Then you say, Gopalakrishnan have a political agenda. In my whole life I have not urged to vote for any politician. It seems my name is not in the voter's list. I never work for vote or for politics. When you are unable to answer my questions, you simply allege that I have a political agenda!! It is plain wrong.

It seems you disliked the idea that Bhaarata has the tradition of 10,000 years. It is not a joke. It is true that Bhaarata has a tradition of 10,000 years. Your view of history is outdated and is based on the history propagated in 19th century when there were no isotope studies or carbon dating. All those old history has changed! Besides, the British had other objectives when they came to India and portrayed that history of India is very short. They were driven by the belief that Adam and Eve were born in 4012 BCE October 4th! So they wanted to curtail the age of everything from going beyond Adam and Eve. It was then unacceptable to the Christians to conceive an India with 10,000 years long history. That is why British historians invented this story of age of Indian history as 1500 years or so. After Carbon dating based studies became a norm, in more than 15 sites like Mohan jodaro, Kalibagan etc it was found that the oldest artefact made of Copper was found in BCE 8275. Adding the 2000 years after common era to this we get around 10,000 years as the age of the traditions of Bhaarata. Hence I said, Indian traditions are 10,000 years old. If you are hurt by this, then it is because of your ignorance. What ever you learned in your 4th std history about Indus Valley, Harappa culture etc, these are out dated and were creations of the same Brithish who spread Christianity through falsehood. You think that true history is what those old Brithish historians says. That is why you are confused.

Based on the studies from all over the world, a verse in the last Mandala of Rigveda is dated to BCE 4200 based on the reference of planet Jupiter crossing the star Pushya. Roughly BCE 4250+/- 50 years is what scientists say. Thus Rigveda is atleast 6200 years old, even its last part. You blindly believed the date of 1500 BCE assigned to Rigveda (or that it is only 1500 years old!!!!) by those who were part of the spreading of Christianity, which lets them to think that both Hindus and Christians are outsiders to India and then to find solace in that belief.

I, Gopalakrishnan, is working in the field of science for the last 25 years, in India, USA and Canada. So I say things with full responsiblity and is obliged to tell true things. You, it seems do not have such stringent principles.

Then you proclaim, Rigveda is authered in Kabul!!! Did you stay there then when Rigveda was authored in Kabul? When Rigveda was authored, the extend of Bhaarata was far and wide. Around 210 sages who lived in all parts of that Bhaarata, authored Mantras which forms part of the Vedas. It was all classified by Krishna Dvaipayana. He and others in the lineage of Vyasa, classified the Vedas into four as Rik (jnaana kaanda), Yajus (karma kaanda), Saama (musical aspects) and Atharva (for the activities of common man). And you say all these are done in Kabul!!! Don't you know that people watching You Tube are not fools? This is not Suvishesha (Christian preaching), so that you can tell anything that comes in your mind.

Then comes Arya-Dravida. It is now proved that AIT (Aryan Invasion Theory) is completely crap. This false theory was originated by Max Muller and then propagated by many British Scholars and in India by the leftist thinkers of JNU (Javaharlal Nehru University). As per this crap theory some says Aryans came from Artic, some says from Switzerland, some Europe, Hitler said it was from Germany and some says they came from Afganistan!!! Max Muller later retracted. It was the need for the British to have this AIT theory, to justify their occupation of India on the pretext that even Aryans too came from outside and colonized India like them. So this theory was created to enslave the Indians. It was done under the initiative of Mecaule with the help of Max Muller (who later changed his mind). Later those propagators of AIT themselves felt what they did was wrong. Max Muller later corrected. 'Aryan' is not a race, but means 'the best'. This is how the words like Aryavepu (the best Neem plant), Aryavarta (the best territory), Arya Vaidyasala (the best medicine shop), Aryaputra (the best son) are understood. So the word Arya do not signify any race. The word Dravida is not found in any of the Vedas. Please do not eat what is vomited by others. That is bad Mathew. Atleast you are titled a 'brother' and you are a prophet of Jesus Christ. Don't tell plain lies. Think before you talk.

A person named Monelier, removed 2500 Sanskrit words found in Tamil and made a dictonary of Tamil. Then he said to them, see in your Tamil there is no Sanskrit. So you are not Aryans. You are Dravidians! Thus they created the conflict of Arya and Dravida. This was the need for those British and people like Mathew. Now it is a well known fact among almost all historians of the world that there were no Arya or Dravida in India. Read Michael Danino. It is time to replace your old history books.

Then you say Mahabharata is authored in AD 950!! You attribute this lie to NV Krishna Variyar and Sugata Kumari! The spirit of the decesed Krishna Variyar will catch hold of Mathew! Consult the Christian father who told this blunder to you that Mahabharata is authored in AD 950! Jesus Christ had told:- "O God, they don't know what they do"!. This line he told about people like you! For your information, Kali Yuga started in BCE 3102, February 17th, Thursday night 11:55 PM. This is not my invention. This is the time when Earth and the visible planets aligned in a straight line at the point of Mesha Sanktranti (Pisces-Aries junction). Mahabharata war occurred 38 years before that. Thus Mahabharata was conceived 51 centuries before our time. It might have taken some more time to become organized in the current state. But when you say Mahabharata is created in AD 950, don't think that all people will beleive it. Don't introduce such gross blunders. At least think about your audience and your credibility.

There are stories in Mahabharata attached to the core historical background. It is true. But to say that all of Mahabharata is story is wrong. It contains 125000 verses. As part of CIA training in USA, Panchatantra stories of India are used. Stories intermixed with historic narration is not a wrong design.

Then you talk about Manu Smriti. Manu is not a single person but signifies man. The first human society who created law is Manu. Read Manu Smriti atleast ones in your life. Your reading of Bible itself is incomplete. When KR Gauriyamma burned Manu Smrit, I asked her. Did you read it before burning it? She said, I didn't. Don't talk about things which you have not read or know fully.

Next he says Malayalam is considered by Brahmins as a 'Praakrta' language. {Praakrta means 'not good' / 'wretched' in Malayalam, though it means 'created in the olden days' in Sanskrit, which Mathew is obiviously unaware, while making this allegation}. Do you know what Praakrta means? Pura yat krtam tat praakrtam. It means that which existed sicne olden days. It is a very good word.

Next you say, the missionaries upgraded Dalits into humans. What did missionaries actually do? To know this, look at the whole world. Every where they killed black skinned people. The number of people killed by a missionary is considered as their specific achievment. Many crores of women where alledged to have spirits on their body and killed by toreing off their hands and legs, with a cruelty beyond inquisition methods. It is not missionaries who converted Dalits to humans. The Pope (head of world Christian church) knows what the missionaris are doing. That is why he is continously saying 'pardon me'. He does this as a rependence to the acts of missionaries who impregnate women all over the world. St. Francies Xavier has killed thousands of Hindus. You can tell this story of missionaries making Dalits into humans to ignorant people. There are hundreds of books talking about the evil acts of the missionaries. I do not know that you, Mathew, particularly have done anything wrong. All you have to do is to go to North East India and you will know what Christian missionaries are doing there.

Then you are saying Hare Krishna movement and Amritananda Mayi's institutes are converting Christians into Hindus in foreign countries. Are they not educated people? If they are misled into joining Hinduism, they would have realized it as a mistake and would have come back to Christianity. They are not Dalits, they are not Sudras. They are not ignorant or are living in darkness. They are highly educated people and yet they leave Christianity and come to Hinduism and is not returning back. Now you will ask why people in Nagaland who embraced Christianity are not returning to Hinduism. The reason is they are not educated. They are primitive, poor or lack education. That is why they are not returning back to Hinduism. The Europeans and Americans, thousands of them, highly educated, comes to Hinduism and do not leave it and go back to Christianity because they have found truth in Hinduism. I am not telling this for the sake of arguing and winning. Just think about it.

You said Amritanandamayi and Saibaba make crores of money. In Saibaba's Puttaparti, there is free heart surgery. In this 62% of free heart surgery is done for the rich Muslims in Malappuram district of Kerala! 18% of free heart surgery is done for Christians in Kerala. Only 20% of the free heart surgery is done for poor Hindus. How many of your hospitals run by Christians do free heart surgery? You do it for religious conversion. Amritanandamayi has created many housed for poor people without asking for their religion. She has never asked them to change their religion. Saibaba amassed money given by others and sent water to Chennai. Saibaba did not then say, don't give this water to Christians and Muslims. He did it for the sake of everybody in Chennai. Don't hide truth. When you are asked to answer a specific question, you give an answer to some other question! This is a tactic used by people when they do not have any aswer. They simple mock the questioner. You should go to Puttaparti once. Learn why Phlip Prasad and other Naxalites got transformed in their minds after reaching Puttaparti. Similarly go and see Maata Amritanandamayi. I have seen Amritanandamayi in Canada. There I saw thousands of Christian nuns and fathers coming and crying in front of Amritanandamayi. With four post graduate degrees, Phd and Doctorate, what I am saying is truth. Why these people are flocking Amritanandamayi? In Eranakulam, Kaloor Javaharlal Nehru stadium, the 50ths birth anniversary of Amritanandamayi was conducted. Then thousands of Christians came there. Many Christian Fathers had come there. If Amritanandamayi and Saibaba are not good will they flock them like this? Sri Sri Ravisankar is the one who recently went to Pakistan, Iran and Iraq. In spite of they all being Muslims he went there and consoled them. Did he converted any body there? Don't close your eyes towards truth. I feel, people like you killed Jesus Christ!

You said about Nagaland. Do you know what happened in Nagaland? There you hide a microphone amplifier set on top of a tree. Then when those poor Naga people come to attend your sermon you speak through microphone. The poor people hear voice from the top and think that it is voice of God from heaven. Around 90% conversions in Nagaland is done like this. Then they will make two idols of Krishna made of stone and Christ made of wood will be put in a lake. Then Christ's idol will float and Krishna's idol will drawn. You will then say the true god is the one who float in water. Then these people will embrace Christianity. This way you cheat people and convert them in Nagaland, Mizoram and Arunachal. The reason why people in Nagaland are not returning back is again many. There the Christian Fathers and Bishops, in order to prohibit the thousands of Nagas from attending Kumbhamela festivals, proclaim, no Hindu will be permitted in Nagaland to convert back the Nagas and that they will be killed. Are these the words of the followers of Jesus Christ?

You also says, Yahova has never told to kill people and that all these are lies of Gopalakrishnan who have not read Bible. I will again quote the words of Yahova. Purappadu, 22nd chapter 20th line:- 'Biblical God said, who ever sacrifices to any god other than the Biblical God shall be destroyed. I will wipe them off. Destroy their deities. Worship only your God'. Purappadu, 22nd chapter 24th line:-'You destroy their idols. Don't worship other gods. Because Biblical God is intolerant. His name is 'intolerance'. Purappadu, 34th capter 13th line:-In this world, if anybody invite you into other gods, you should not budge. Don't hear him. You should not show any mercy to him. You should not leave him. You should not hide him. You should kill him. You should be the first to raise hand to kill him. Then all people should raise their hands. They should stone him to death. Repetition, 13th chapter, 9th line. "With my hand raised to sky, I promise, I will sharpen my glowing sword and take the right to dictate law to avenge my enemies. I will revenge those who hate me. I will make my arrows merry in blood. I will make my sword eat flesh. I will make blood flow from my enemy. He will take revenge of the blood of his servents." These words were read out to Moses. These are found in Bible, translated by Joseph Pulikkunnil. There are many. God has a sword. It has swollen with blood. It has fed up with eating flesh. God has a congragation in the land of Adom. Their, instead of wild bull, men will fall. A race of brave men will fall there. Their land will be bathed in blood. Because God has a day of revenge. A competition for revenge." Ashayya's lines.

Mathew also alleges that I have not read Bible in its entirity. I cannot do that. The reason is sentances like these:- Repetition, 25th capter 12th line:- "To save husband, if a woman holds the private parts of other men, her hands needs to be chopped off. Never show kindness to her." There are many such vulgar advises. I cannot read all of these. A society in America named Fact Finding Society of America had collected around 1450 cruel and horrible sentences in Bible. They even advocate to ban Bible. This is not my openion. When I went to Houston, USA, this is what I saw and heard there. So, don't say I have not read Bible. You may be talking without reading Manusmriti or Mahabharata.

Next you say Jesus Christ was crucified for taking away the sin of Indians including Gopalakrishnan. I am living in 2012 CE. What meaning is there in saying that somebody died for me 2000 years ago? Did he took the sin of future people also in whole sale? What a stupidity! What truth is there in it? Why don't you think? Is sin transferrable? Is it ok if somebody else go to prison for the sin of mine? Is it fine if some body eat when I am hungry? Is it fine if when I am thirsty somebody drinks on my behalf? It is also no where mentioned in Bible that Jesus has taken up the sins of others. This is a cooked up story in order to convert religion into a whole sale business, where you say Jesus took over the sin of all people in whole sale! Then you says Jesus Christ lived 33 and a half years. Then what is that tomb seen in Kashmir where Isa Nabi (Jesus Christ) is burried after having lived 65 years?

You said Gopalakrishnan is a stupid. From what I said, everybody will know who is really stupid. You said that I asked everybody to read Bible. It is true. I said it so that people will understand the reality of what actually is written inside it. I told people to do that after myself reading it. It will be an eye opener for everybody who are brainwashed by your Suvishesha sermons. I have even adviced many, even if you do not read Ramayana, they should read Bible once, so that they can realize that it contains nothing for 21st century except a lot of stupidity and violence.

You also make fun of the idols of Hindu gods made of clay. But you make idols using concrete and plaster of paris. Why you make concrete crosses all over the world? You make idols of Jesus, Joseph and Mariam using plaster of paris. Clay is better than plaster of paris. At least, it won't create any ecology problems. The idols made of plaster of paris are no better than made of clay.

Then comes Mathai's (Mathew's) sermon with the phrase 'intelligence of the snake'. Did snake have intelligence? Is it not the same snake that was cursed by Yahova? This snake is the one who gave intelligence to Adam and Eve, by making them aware that they are naked and that they should wear some dress. In revenge of it, Yahove cursed the snake! That is why in Bible you are called 'son of the vipers'. It is strange that Jesus is asking his followers to become like the same snake who was cursed by Yahova. Then the problem is with Jesus since he says the snake is intelligent when the snake is supposed to be not intelligent.

Then there is the phrase 'the innocence of a dove'. That is still followed by Christians. These birds called doves will get into any hole and establish themseves there to make it dirty and foul with their droppings. This is what Pentacost Christians and other Christians are doing. They infiltrate any civilization and make it foul. May be Jesus Christ is right here! Both the words Jesus used, viz. 'snake' and 'dove' - both are apt.

Then there was discussion of Francies Xavior. There you said it is not your responsibility. There is only one son of god, one Yahova, one Christ, one cross and one Jerussalem. But why you divide yourselves while assigning responsibility? Why you say those who worship Francis Xavior alone should answer to the violence perpetrated by him and those who worship Valintine alone should answer to the problems with Valentine? Is it because you do not have answer? I will say the answer then. Francis Xavior killed 40,000 Hindus. He went to every Hindu hose and installed cross on Tulsi plant. You can see it still in Goa. He then wrote to Pope, that he felt great happiness when he saw the Hindus demolishing and urinating on the idols which they once worshiped and when they wear cross as a necklace. These are not my words. It is there in the book written by C.A. Isaac who is a Christian himself. All these letters written by Francis Xaivior to Pope is available as a book. Such a cruel man, who did what was told by Yahova, who embraced all the teachings of Yahova into his life, was awarded Sainthood for his services! You can see his dead body even today under the guard of police, in Goa.

Then you say, St. Jeorge and Valanties are all Catholic icons! Why such divisions like Catholic? Valantine took women and gave them to soldiers. Due to this he was killed by the king on February 14th or 15th. Sait Valantine is a model of those people who think love means sex. Then there is Saint George. He was a soldier lived in 3rd Century AD. He saved the daughter of a king from a snake, then the king recommended the Pope to make him a Saint. This is not my version. It is there in Wikipedia.

Then you tells what ever Mother Teresa did in Culcutta has not became a court case. It is true. Unfortunately, even the case of Tipu Sultan who demolished thousands of temples. What ever cruel and evil acts people like you are doing, those to have not gone to court. Till now the Hindus have not taken any issue starting with Mohammad Gazni untill today. Why Calcutta Hindus are not doing anything on Mother Teresa? Atleast she bring some money from foreign and gives it to poor people there though by converting them. Try once to go to Mother Theresa's Asrama in Calcutta. It is held in utter secrecy, even Christians are not permitted to enter inside it! It is situated inside the land of the Kali temple of Calcutta after encroaching it. I have been there and I know it from my own eyes. I have gone there even before Mother Theresa was dead. No Bengali adores her. Many doctors claim that it was they who cured many patients who Mother Teresa claimed to have cured. You are making even that as a business. You are closing your eyes towards truth.

Then you allege me that I told Alphonsa was mad. This is not my version. I saw it in a TV serial where she is portrayed as a mad woman for 16 years bound in a house (not in some jail). As per the serial this was done at the behest of Christian Bishops themselves. Besides this once a Christian Father asked me what is your openion about saint Alphonsa? Then I expressed my doubt to him. God says all men are sinners. Then Pope who is a human is a sinner. Alphonsa is a sinner. How can a sinner (Pope) declare another sinner (Alphonsa) a saint? If one sinner can make another sinner a saint, then Saddam Husain, Osama Bin Laden (Quran is by-heart for him) etc need to be declared saints! They do Namaz five times a day. They are doing Jihad of Islam. Can they too be declared saints? Besides I never said that Alphonsa did conversion, that allegation is your creation. But today, conversion is done in the name of Alphonsa. That is why sainthood is awarded to her.

Then you say, Mao terrorists emerged due to Hindus! I say, Naga terrorism, Mizo naxalism all these are the creation of Christians there. Malayali Christians and Christian Fathers are the only ones who can go through their midst without being attacked. You are their leaders! In order to hide the fact that they are the ones who gave guns and weapons to Mizos, they make this baseless allegation about Maoists being created by Hindus! Around 70% of Maoists are Christians. They are striving to kill the people of the nation who give them food. Maoists too are the creation of Christian Missionaries. There is many motives to all these for the Christian Missionaries.

Then Mathew asks, who are the Sikhandis? RSS? Sivasena? Who themselves think that they are the real Sikhandis. Sikhandis are there very near to you in your own people. They are let loose by you to convert whole of India by 2012. Pope has openly said this. In the 3rd millania India and China and neighboring regions needs to be converted to Christianity. In the first millania you targeted North America and Europe. In the second millania you targeted Africa and South America. But if you go to Pakistan or Bangladesh with this agenda you will not see your head on top of your neck. You can do your tricks on poor Dalits in India but not in anywhere there.

Your great presentation in the video will not be believed by people. Then you say Suvishesha sermon is a matter of faith and that you will spread it till your end of life. I have no objection. My objection is about its objective. Today, see that no body in USA is ready to go to church, where once we saw the pinnacle of Suvishesha sermons. In Englad nobody goes to Church. I have been to USA 7 or 8 times and to Englad 2 or 3 times. There is none to go to Church in Europe. Their the churches are given for sale. The reason is the cruel words found in Bible, which they find of no use in 21st century. For you there is a reason to spread Bible in India. It is a business for you. You said Gopalakrishnan has political ambitions. I say you have business ambitions. I have told about the 29,000 crore INR coming to India for religious conversions. This money is spread accross various Christian factions. There are 1500 Christian factions in USA. In Kerala there are 145 factions. For Hindus there are only Brahmana, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Sudra. Among Christians it is numerous - Syrian Catholican, Latin Catholican, Mar Thoma, Sebatin, Adventist, Cylone Pentacost, India Pentacost, Orthodox and many more for just one Jesus Chirst, one Bible, one Jerusalem, one son of god and one Yahova!!! They all do this sermons (Suvishesha) to convert people in whole sale. Mathew, there is in fighting within yourselves. There is more friction between sects of Christians than between Brahmana and Sudra when inter religious conversions within Christianity takes place between Orthodox and Pentacost! That is why around 10 or 12 churches in Kerala are under police protection. You have to think these also before accusing others. A follower of Christ should be a seeker of truth. It is not seeking people to convert them. There is no greatness to Jesus Christ. He did not die on a Good Friday. In Bible itself there is clue. A youth said:- 'Why you are searching the one who is not dead, among the dead?'. Nobody dies if their hands are nailed. Only if the wound is in the heart, people will die. There is a research paper published by CP Mathew who proves that Jesus never died. Then why you are lying to people that Jesus died to take away the curse of all people? Stop cheating people.

This is my humble request to you. In America and Europe, many people are converted into Christianity by cheating them. They have now discarded Christianity. Same will happen in India. Bhaarata too will discard Christianity. It is certain. Because Bhaarata is a nation of Satya (truth) and Dharma (righteousness). Bharatam suffered under the foot of Muslims and Christians for around 950 to 1000 years. But it is not dead. Because it is the land of truth and righteosness. You say 'Christavaha Sukhino Bhavantu' (let all Christians be happy). But we Bhaaratiyas said 'Lokaa Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu' (let all the world be happy).

So Mathew please learn this. If you are ready to come to me, I will accept you. Because I appreciate your courage to defend Christianity. I need such people. Gopalakrishnan is ready to accept you, if you dare to come and learn truth. But if you come with wicked motives, I will be able to recognize it. Because I have spent my 42 years to learn Vedas and sacrificed my life for it. I do not fear death that much. I thank you for your reply so that I am able to give you this reply.

My Pranaamam!


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