For Monotheism Knowledge Is Poison

satyameva jayate nānṛtaṁ, satyena panthā vitato devayānaḥ, yenākramantyṛṣayo hyāptakāmā, yatra tat satyasya paramaṁ nidhānam - Mundaka Upanishad 3.1.6

Truth alone triumphs; not falsehood. Through truth the divine path is spread out by which the sages whose desires have been completely fulfilled, reach where that supreme treasure of Truth resides.

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How can dogmatism and exclusive beliefs survive as the world moves into an era where knowledge moves freely?

Knowledge as Enemy Number One

All monotheist religions like Christianity and Islam fear knowledge like poison, so much so that in Bible we see knowledge as being associated with none other than the Devil who gave Adam and Eve the 'fruit of knowledge' and an enraged Yahova banishing them from his abode. According to Bible the 'first sin' committed by Adam and Eve is that they tried to acquire knowledge!!! This is the same sin (acquiring knowledge) that every scientist in the world including Galilio, Newton and Einstein have committed. All intellectual people will try to acquire knowledge. Monotheist god Yahova is anti-knowledge. That is why Christianity persecuted many scientists like Galileo.

Yahova is dead serious about his fight against knowledge, so much so that he sent his only 'son' to 'save' humanity (of past, present and future) from the 'sin' of acquiring true knowledge. This symbolically means Yahova wants to erase what ever knowledge humanity have acquired/ acquires / will acquire in the past present and future. Yahova has achieved his mission by converting a large portion of humanity into Christianity and Islam, thus making the majority of humanity into a society of knowledge-averse people, who, like Yahova himself, hate knowledge. That is why they hate every scientific discovery including evolution. That is why many conservative Muslims (who follow Yahova more aggressively than Christians, in the form of the 7th century Allah) hate science in schools.

Symbolism of the Snake (Naaga)

In the Adam Eve story, the Devil is depicted as a snake, (a Naaga). What is the significance of this? Naagas where a sea-faring and industrious people who have spread from India to many parts of the world including West Asia where the religion of Yahova arose. Naaga philosophy was centered around knowledge and spirituality. Knowledge is called Jnaana in Sanskrit and it meant spiritual knowledge more often, than materialistic knowledge. (Thus what Adam and Eve sought was mainly spiritual knowledge than materialistic knowledge).

Naagas being a sea-faring tribe presented the knowledge to West Asia carrying with them eastern philosophies of Hinduism and Buddhism. Thus Jnaana (knowledge) was known in west Asia as 'Gnosis' ('knowledge', in Latin). Vedic thought and later Buddhism was thus present in West Asia through the Naaga traders during the developmental period of the religion of Yahova. Thus this 'Devil' depicted as a 'snake' in Bible seems to be some Naaga chief who sailed to West Asia or a Naaga tradesman, or a Buddhist monk of Naaga race.

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